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Injectables I : Lips

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The First and Only EACCME-Accredited Hybrid Aesthetic Medicine Program

Why Choose SAMBA ?

+ 20 Internationally Renowned Speakers

Learn from the best : globally renowned dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors.

EACCME Accreditation

The SAMBA diploma is a hybrid program equivalent to a master's degree and recognized by the EACCME, offering CME credits valid across Europe for Continuous Medical Education.


Direct access to expert guidance on career moves, patient issues, side effects and more. We're your go-to support for a successful journey in aesthetic medicine.

Learn at your pace

Access SAMBA's online courses anytime, 24/7, and customize your learning path to fit your career objectives and schedule.

Learn at your own pace

Make your learning more effective with self-paced online courses that are available 24/7.

Your Journey with SAMBA

Step by Step

Step 1

Online Theory

Navigate at your own pace through our 104 EACCME-Accredited e-courses. Video, MCQ, Scientific References - and repeat !

Step 2

Practical Workshop

Dive directly into real-world experience with full face assessment and treatment !

Inject 3-4 Full-Face patients during your injectables workshop, accessible as soon as the online theory and final exam are completed.

Step 3

Obtain your Diploma

Armed with deep knowledge and practical skills, you'll return home ready and excited to care for your patients with confidence.

Step 4

SAMBA Community

Your SAMBA journey doesn't end when you receive your diploma—it's just the beginning!

The SAMBA Platform is your ultimate work tool—revisit a treatment video, ask the community for advice, or call us anytime. We're always here to provide friendly guidance, help with side effects, and answer patient care questions.

With SAMBA, support is always at your fingertips.


The First & Only EACCME-Accredited Hybrid Training 
in Aesthetic Medicine
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Would have loved to have had this 20 years

"Fabulous program covering in extenso all aspects of aesthetic medicine and also offering practical training courses... we would have loved to have had this 20 years ago..."

Dr. Ney

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"One of the most valuable game-changing course I’ve ever done. Complete and clear. Great international speakers. This online video course format is perfect to conciliate and improve my own busy professional activity."

Dr. Vandermeersch

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