All the practical and theoretical knowledge combined in one Diploma

SAMBA Diploma

Embark on a journey towards becoming a successful aesthetic doctor with the SAMBA Diploma, offering a remarkable selection of 104 e-courses.

This diploma will be your trusted ally throughout your career, providing you with the essential knowledge you need. The best part? You have lifelong access to your courses, allowing you to revisit them whenever you have doubts. Need a refresher on a specific treatment detail? Just go back to your SAMBA e-courses before proceeding.

Count on the SAMBA Diploma to equip you with the expertise required to excel in the field of aesthetics.
Courses included

SAMBA Full Diploma

This 360° diploma in aesthetic medicine is designed to give you a thorough understanding of all aspects of the specialty. Upon completion of this degree, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide your patients with high-quality treatments that meet their individual needs by seamlessly combining treatments